The Swedish international Zaltan scored sixth goal in his five matches but still his side Manchester United have to share the points.


Last night the Manchester United plays a FOOTBALL MATCH against Everton and there was a incident occur between Zlatan and Everton player Coleman,

The striker says that he was trying to avoid Coleman but his foot struck Coleman’s head during the match.

Ibrahimovic says that it was s just an accident nothing more than that, he never try to hurt him intentionally, and everyone is assuming about Retrospective ban of Zlatan.

The Manchester United striker says that:

"They played hard and I heard one of the commentators say I kicked someone in the head on purpose,"

"It was a 50-50 duel. He pulled me down and I tried to avoid touching him.

"Trust me, if I want to kick someone in the head, I know how to kick someone in the head and make him fall asleep. That is the only thing I have to say."

Last night the Striker Zlatan gave his side an advantage by scoring a wonderful goal Over the Everton goalkeepers head the ball struck at the woodwork and then the ball behind the goal line and with new goalline technology it was confirmed that it was a goal.

In his last five matches it was his sixth goal for his side.

In the dying minutes Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini tackled Leighton Baines in their penalty box and the Baines scored from the spot and the Manchester United lost two crucial away points.