The Real Madrid side lost their last match against Valencia side and that leaves the door open for their rivals and he also believes that his crew got tougher than anyone else.


The 44 year old French coach claims that this season they will face a tough problem to taste the La Liga silverware as he thinks their counterpart will  try to produce better football against them.

Barcelona and Sevilla now will get  a chance to outsmart Real Madrid side as they lost their last match against Valencia.

 If Sevilla wiln their match against the Real Betis side today then  they will be the new league leaders.

And Barcelona will take on Atletico Madrid tomorrow, and on the other hand Real Madrid side will play against the Valencia side.

But Real Madrid side has one extra match in their hand, but still the French coach warned his players to fire up in their upcoming matches to taste the Silverware.

Zidane voiced: "It's getting more difficult,"

"They're a very good opponent, well organised defensively. It's good for us to play [on Sunday], after the defeat on Wednesday, so we can try to put it behind us.

"It was an opportunity that we let slip, but you shouldn't keep coming back to it, it's not something that can be fixed any more. We just have to think about the next game. What happened, happened.

"We know that we can and should improve, always. For the teams who play against Real Madrid, it's the game of the year. And that's normal, it's an extra motivation, it's something we have to take into account."

But Barelona’s match against Atletcio could give the Los Blancos side a boost in terms of their amenities at the top, but the Real Madrid Supremo is right now focusing to their Villarreal game.

He added: "We can't control that game. We're only looking at ours. The only thing we can control is what we do on the pitch,"

"Until the end of the season, nobody knows what will happen. We had a big disadvantage last year and at the end we had a chance. You never know what will happen in football."