The 31 year old Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was very clearly unhappy to be dismissed more than 20 minutes form recently, but Zinedine Zidane persist that it is not a bad thing.

Real Madrid boss the 44 year old Frenchman says that it was good to see the Cristiano as angry person when he substituted him in the match against Las Plamas.

The prolific forward was very clearly frustrated when Madrid was leading in the match, and the French man replaces him with the Spanish youngster Lucas Vazquez in the 72 minute.

The Frenchman persist that it is not possible for any player to keep up their best form if they manage to play every single minute of every single game ,and he told that he and the Portuguese does not  have any kind of problem between them.

"It's good that Ronaldo was upset when he came off," he told RMC. "It shows that the guy is concerned and wants to bring something to the team. But it doesn't matter. I explained it to him, and it's over.

"We play 60 matches these days. In my time, we had that in two years. For me, a player can't play 65 matches in a season at the same level.

"I talk to my players first, I explain it to them. I want to have their opinion."

The 24 year old Argentinean Sergio Araujo scored the equalizer goal for the Las Plamas and denied Madrid all the three points at Gran Canaria.