In their last champions league match Real Madrid side draws their match against Legia Warsaw and the real Madrid coach is adamant about that any criticism can not bother him.

The Frenchman persists that he has no problem to dealing with some kind of criticism, he knows very well how to cope with this things and how to tackle them.

In the champions league match the Frenchman’s side Real Madrid has unable to win over Legia Warsaw on Wednesday and the match was ended by 3-3,and the for this many critics raised questioned over Zidanes’s tactics, that why he out only two midfielders in the center of the midfield and go with four attackers against them.

In their next fixture the Los Blancos side will play against Leganes at their home ground and right now he is focusing full on that game, he is not bother to hear about what other are criticizing about him.

"There will always be criticism," Zidane said.

"The only thing that I am interested in is moving on from this game against Legia and focusing on Sunday's match.

"I have lived with criticism for more than 30 years now, so I know that is not going to change. All I can do is try to improve the team, nothing more. It is obvious we have to improve.

"We have to work hard on the pitch and try and make sure we do not concede and that we get goals ourselves. That is what we are all focused on, especially the players.

"I cannot control the criticism, I do my job and I am focused on Sunday's game."