Last night the 27 year old Wales international was picked up a red card in the second half and the Real Madrid boss explained the superstar was not happy with the Red card.


The Real Madrid supremo said that the attacker ask for forgiveness after he got sent off by the match official in their match against La Palmas.

Early in the second half the Wales wizard got red card, but still after that the Real Madrid squad came from a behind and drew that match.

In the second half he got two yellow cards within two minutes and in that situation the Las Palmas team had a monumental advantage over Real Madrid by 3-1 goals, but then in the last four minutes the Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo scored two goals for them and earns one point for them.

Question asked to the French manager about Bale’s yellow card he replied: 

"He has apologised. He is not happy with the expulsion.


"This can happen, it is a fact of the game and we cannot change it.

"I used to be happy after the matches and now I cannot be happy lately, but this is a very long season and we are going to change it."

In their previous match against the Villarreal the match officials had been in the spotlight as Real Madrid came in the match from behind and won that match for them, but after that the Barcelona defender Pique claimed that the officials are helping the Los Blancos side.

On this the Real Madrid coach said: "As always I will not get into the subject of the referees. We do not have to look for excuses of that,"

"I look at what we can do, and I think we can do better. With what we are doing. There are times of the season that are like this, already three or four games, but we cannot look for excuses with the referee."