The FC Goa boss Zico was pretty unhappy about his team's performance against FC Pune City more so beacus of all the missed chances.

for the past two years Zico's team has always find it difficult when they played against Habas's team, but things were different this time as Goa came out victorious against Habas in today's encounter in Pune.

Habas had a great run with Atletico De Kolkata as Kolkata emerged victorious in the inaugural  season and finished in the top four last season, but this time he along with his new team finding it quite difficult to set their foot this time around.

Pune is going through a very lean patch as the side is swinging at the bottom of the table with just 6 points{1 win,3 loss,3 draw}.needless to say they need to up their game to quite another standard, if they want to make it to the top four in this season.


"We never think about the past. When we came into the tournament in this year, we had never lost to Delhi (Dynamos) and NorthEast (United). We need to start playing again. We have to go inside of the pitch and do our best to start getting the results",

Discussing  his team performance Zico was quite candid about the fact his side was pretty ordinary in the first leg as Goa manage to win with just one win under their belt, though they have started the second leg exactly the way the whole Goa wanted them to do.

"First of all, we started building our team much later than most of the other teams. Half of our squad was not physically fit because they came after a long time and some out of injuries. Despite all the situations, we are doing our best. We haven't been dominated. The results are not coming but we are fighting to give our best."

He added, "When the other teams were already prepared with their signings, we were in trial with all the situation that happened after the final. I also think FC Goa shouldn't be playing after what happened. We had to go to the market and sign our players in the last moment. Many of the players who were available, they were not playing or came back after injuries. So, it says a lot about our team this season."

"We had to take some time to adapt and we can see that the players are trying their best but the results are not coming. I would even like to mention that some refereeing decisions have influenced our games directly. For sure, in the games that we lost, if all the decisions would have been taken it would be a different result," :the 63 year old Brazilian  felt.