Zaidane Revealed the Reason for leaving Real Madrid

Football News: after clinching his third Successive Champions league trophy with the Los Blancos side, the former Madrid star’s tenure with the Spanish capital is at an end.

Football News: Zidane announce his resignation from Madrid role.

Less than a week ago he has won his third Champions league title with the Lso Blancos side after defeating Liverpool in the final, and despite that the French gaffer announced that he is leaving Madrid.

Before the start of the news briefing the French manager announced his departure, five days after he crowned the Champions league trophy with the Los Blancos side.

Zidane voiced: "I have decided not to be Real Madrid coach next season,"

"I spoke to Florentino yesterday [Wednesday] to tell him my thoughts, my feelings. I know it's a strange moment for everyone involved, but I think it's the right decision.

"I think this team needs to keep winning but I think after three years a change is needed, something different, a different message, different ways of going about things.

"That's why I decided to take this decision. It's a club I love and I love the president too, he brought me to this huge club and I will always be grateful, but I think a change is needed so I will not be here next season."

Even after winning the most prestigious European competition with Madrid for consecutive years that does not influence him to prolong his career with Madrid.

Even the speculation is there that Madrid’s third position in the La Liga table, 17 points adrift their fierce rivals Barcelona, maybe the reason of his resignation.

However, Zidane confirms that he was never pushed out of the exit door.

He added: "It's my decision,For many people, this will not make sense, but it does for me. It's time for a change."

"There have been tough times, in the Copa del Rey notably, and I don’t forget those. This club is in my heart. It ended well for me when I was a player and it’s ended well for me as a manager."

In 2016, he started his coaching career with Madrid, under his tenure Madrid played 149 games, out of them he won 105 games, and three champions league silverware, and one La Liga crown in 2016-17.