Former Manchester city goalkeeper admits that he had to leave the club after their new manager told him that he is not his no1 priority.

The Catalan coach decide to force him out from Manchester City did not bend Joe Hart.

The 29 year old undergo a summer from hell, with the poignant experience of his mistakes at Euro 2016, now the new Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola desire to replace the four time golden gloves winner with the Chilean Claudio Bravo.

The English international admit that he has no other option than to take up an offer from Torino.

He also doesn’t have any kind of expectation from Guardiola that he will welcome him back after one year.

Hart said: “I’m at Torino for this season – and it’s hard to look past that and playing for England.

When asked if he know that the premier league giants Chelsea Is interested him to bring him back to the Premier League-

 He added: “I don’t know.

"I’d imagine upstairs that they talk a lot, but my focus is playing for Torino and where Torino finish this season.

“Football is a game of ¬opinions and some people have a great opinion of me and some people probably think I’m absolutely useless. Unfortunately for me, one of the guys’ ¬opinions in charge of my club wasn’t as strong as it needed to be.

“It was what it was. I had a situation at City where my playing time was going to be limited, so I had to look ¬elsewhere.

“I felt like Torino was the best option.