The 55 year old argentine legend Diego Maradona thinks that there is a little gap between Messi and Ronaldo , little to separate between them and he hopes that Neymer will be at the same level sooner.

The world cup winner Maradona says that there is nothing to choose between the Real Madrid winger Ronaldo and the Barcelona striker Messi.
The astral pair’s ongoing conflict has dominated the footballing landscape this decade, Maradona’s own debate with the Brazilian legend Pele over that which of them is the all time greatest player.

Messi has won eight La Liga title and four times Champions League glistening 12 year as a Barcelona player, and he also emerged from the blasted shadow of a ‘next Maradona' to founded his own legend.

Ronaldo has won four time Premier League title with his former team Manchester united and also four time La Liga title with Real Madrid and he also won three time Champions League and in this year he gulped a major advantage on Messi in the race of this epoch’s greatest this year he lifted the Euro cup trophy for his country.

"These two are superior to the rest. Messi isn't better than Cristiano Ronaldo and vice versa," Maradona told Marca. 

"Ronaldo always shows great passion and, honestly, it bores me to repeat that Messi doesn't have to win a World Cup to be a phenomenon. Enough of that! 

"If you don't have personality, and don't sing the national anthem, then you should be left alone. 

"The kid had every right to retire from the national side in the summer, and then he returns and still gets criticised!"

Ronaldo has won the international trophy with his country this year and that makes his this year the favorite candidate for the Ballon d'Or, a fourth win would take him to one behind of Messi.

Maradona said: "For me, the Ballon d'Or is not accurate.

"For example in 2014 Manuel Neuer was a finalist with Messi and Ronaldo. The German should have won, he'd just lifted the World Cup!"