Last night Sergio Aguero’s foul on David Luiz that sent bloomy tempers over the top fulsome he (Gary Neville) was happy to see that, but he also feels that premier league is not like that.


The 41 year old English football assistance coach speaks that he is a fan of mass hassle that happens in the last night match between Manchester City and Chelsea.

Last night in the FOOTBALL MATCH between Manchester City and Chelsea the Pep’s crew ended the match with only nine people, in the dying moments the striker Aguero and Fernandinho they picked up a red card. 

In that match the Argentine international Aguero made a hazardous tackle on David Luiz and after that the Brazilian international Fernandinho involved in a quarrel with Fabregas and he grab  his throat and pushed him and the match officials directly shown him a straight red card.

And after watching the replay it was clear that the Blues midfielder Fabregas proved the Manchester City’s men by a slap.

The former Manchester United player said that:

"I can't like the Aguero challenge. I can't. But what I saw at the end, and it may be the wrong thing to say, I liked that. The Premier League won't like it and the FA won't like it. There will be bans, fines and the rest of it but I don't want boring.

"That is players defending the shirt, their teammates and showing passion for the shirt. When there's a tackle like that you expect your teammates to steam in and then the other players to steam in.

"Maybe I shouldn't say I liked it given the position that I am in but it is a considered thought and I'd say the same thing tomorrow too.

"Yes, the Premier League has an image around the world but on the other hand I am constantly hearing there's a lack of loyalty and a lack of passion. Well you've seen some."

"We talk about the old clashes and they are almost folklore. People say: 'Do you remember that Arsenal and Man United clash in the tunnel?'

"Those moments make football great. There are enough ordinary games in the world out there. But I'll go home tonight and think that was a fantastic game. I'll remember this game."

And the veteran defender also thinks that this season the Chelsea has a wonderful chance to win the premier league under their new manager Antonio conte after watching their wonderful playing style  against the Manchester City last night.

He added: "They are in with a real chance,"

"They have title winners in that dressing room and they will just be thinking 'this is good'. [Diego] Costa and [Eden] Hazard have to stay fit, that's the big thing for them because the drop in quality behind those two is enormous.

"But they both look so up for it. Hazard looks brilliant. Costa looks brilliant. Keep those two fit and they are in with a massive chance."