Under the French manager the Gunners side qualified for the Champions league in every season, but this time their run is at a risk after they drew their last match against the Manchester City side.


The French manager Arsene Wenger admitted that the Arsenal side could not afford to lose their match against the Sky Blues side but they drew it with them last night and believes their top four finishes is difficult in this season.

After last night match, the Gunners are still in the sixth spot on the table and they are seven points adrift than the Manchester City side who are sitting at the fourth place on the table but the Arsenal side has one extra game in their hand.

The Arsenal team just have 10 matches left to secure their spot on the next years Champions league.

The Manager thinks right now they have to do something monumental to qualify for the Champions league.

Wenger said: "It will be tough [to reach the top four],"

"Everybody is in there. I think Pep Guardiola has said to be in the top four is a trophy because in England it is so difficult. We will fight for it.

"The first thing for us was to stop [losing], the second is to build up our confidence again and the third step will be to win on Wednesday night [against West Ham]."

"We started very nervously. We played without discipline, being put under pressure. We conceded early as well,"

"But we showed strong mental resources. You could see the team was ready for a fight.

"On the technical front, we can do better. You could see they scored the 2-1 just before the break. For us, the test was mental, not so much tactical. Not to feel sorry for ourselves, stay compact and be ready for a fight.

"Mathematically it is not good for them or us. But we have come out of such a stressful period. When you come out of a few disappointing results, the first priority is not to lose. We could not afford to lose, no.

"We went forward and exposed ourselves to counter-attack. They are very good in transition. On the whole, it was a very good defensive performance. The first goal was a surprise and for the second goal, we lacked a bit of focus.

"We went for it. [Alex] Iwobi had a good chance in the box. The best chance came to Mesut Ozil. He has not played for months. Everybody was cautious in the last few moments. But we wanted to win the game and finished with plenty of offensive players on the pitch."