In last night match Arsenal thrashed Ludogorets, the Frenchman hold his crew to be grounded and to be calm, at an interval of growing their confidence in their own strength.

The Frenchman tells his crew member to be calm and to be focus after their prevalent champions league success.

Last night they beat the visitors by 6-0,at their home ground {Emirates stadium},and now they are sitting in the top in champions league A, the German attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil scored a hat trick for his side.

The coach was plotted by his team but he is not getting carried away in this early situation.

"It will be difficult not to be satisfied," he told reporters after the match. "We scored a lot of goals and kept a clean sheet.

"We were fast and dangerous. We are confident and we must stay focused in every single game. Ludogorets were impressive in the first half.

"It is important to win our home games in the battle for the first place."

Arsenal have secured their progress in the champions league final 16 spots their win against the Bulgarian side Ludogorets, in the last times they were knocked out from the top 16 spots every time, this they are emerged as a group leaders that might be help them in this campaign to go further.

"Our confidence is stronger with every win, but we have to keep the vigilance as well, and the urgency to bring that into the next game," the Arsenal manager added.

"Let's not be too quick on the verdict [after a big win]. We have a strong squad and a strong spirit, but you have to take care of it and keep your feet on the ground.

"The only way to win something big is to focus on the next [match] and work on humility."