The 67-year-old Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger avouched that he has reached to a decision over his future and he will announce it very soon.


In their last game, the Arsenal time lost their fourth premier league game against the West Brom side,

With that lost they are six points aback of the top four with only 11 games reaming in this season for them, the French manager said his side is in a Unique Peril.

After their match against West Brom, he said: "Don't worry, I know what I will do in my future so you will soon know, very soon,"

"You will see. Today I don't necessarily worry about that. We are in a unique bad patch that we haven't had in 20 years. We lose game after game at the moment, and that is more important for me than my future.


"We have a big fight and it will be very difficult now, but there is no other way than fighting and we must do it until the last game of the season. If it's not good enough we take the consequences.


"And maybe, one day, if we don't do it, people will enjoy it more to be in there."

The Frenchman’s future was the subject of the converse aeroplane during Saturday’s game,  one calls for his exit and other one backing him up to stay.

Despite this entire thing the Frenchman said that right now he is focusing on their games,

He voiced: "I watched the game. I do not watch the stands. I believe we have to live with that. You focus on your job no matter what people think,"