Arsene Wenger the Manager of Arsenal avouched that the Chilean will be with them for the next season despite there is much speculation about him leaving the club.


Last night Arsenal thrashed the Benfica side on the Emirate cup by 5-2 goals and Sanchez was absent during Arsenal pre season campaign because of his illness.

However, after their match against Benfica, the Arsenal boss is dour that Sanchez will attire Arsenal Jersey in the next season as well.

Wenger voiced: "He has the flu I had a text from him yesterday and he will come back as soon as possible. We were in touch with him and his doctor and he should come back on Tuesday.


"Players who have one year on their contract have to respect their contract and play out their contract."

Sanchez was due to back on Arsenal training base on Sunday after an extended break given to him because of his confederation campaign but he will arrive late because of his illness.

A few days ago Sanchez posted a picture on Instagram where he claimed that he is sick.

Question asked to the Arsenal manager whether Sanchez’s absence is an excuse to prolong his absence from Arsenal, Wenger said: "Your job is to be suspicious and is built on mistrust and my job is built on trust! That's why I prefer my side [of the story]."

Last season Arsenal finished on the fifth spot on the EPL table but Sanchez played a pivotal role for them last season he netted 24 goals for them and made 10 assists, and because of his wonderful performance he won the Club player of the year award.