as par, the recent football news the Chilean football star Alexis Sanchez is furious after Arsenal held him back and did not let him join the Manchester City side this season but the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is not concerned about this at all.

Arsene Wenger believes that this season Alexis Sanchez will play at his fullest with the Gunners side though on the deadline day his move to the Manchester City side fell through.

According to the football news this season the Superstar had been linked with the Manchester City side and along with them with the French capital side PSG, But Sanchez was willing to join his previous Coach Pep Guardiola in this transfer season but he fails to do so.

But the Gunners club manager believes that this season the Superstar is ready to give his all to the Arsenal side.

He voiced: “Your interest is always to perform and he is 100 per cent committed, I have no doubt about that,"

“It’s very difficult for me to speak about what happened because what I want the player to do now is focus on his career, on his season and on Arsenal.

“I spoke before about integrity and values and I always make sure my commitment is at the level expected from the people who pay me and have confidence in me.

“I think the players’ side is exactly the same.”

 Football news Acknowledge, This season the Gunners side also tried to hijack the Monaco winger Thomas Lemar but the fail to capture him and because of that Arsene Wenger thinks that had an effect on keeping Sanchez to the Arsenal side for this season.

Wenger opined: “I can’t tell you everything that happened because after that, when you decide to let a player of Sanchez’s calibre go, you need to replace him because nobody would understand that you let the player go,"

“When you cannot do it, you keep the player and make a financial sacrifice because what you want, at the end of the day, is to have a team with good potential and top quality.

“That means two things: Sanchez will go, like Mesut Ozil, into the final year of his contract and you either think during the season you will find a way to extend the contract or at the end of the season the players go for free.”