The 49 year old Liverpool manager wants his player to stay calm and not to get carried away with their win over Tottenham.


Last night the Reds collect all the three points from their match against Tottenham and they won the match against them by 2-0 goals,

The Reds boos want his player to be grounded after their win over their counterpart.

The 24 year old Senegalese professional footballer Sadio mane scored the goals for them in the first half of the match, and because of him the Reds won the first match in this year and moved to the fourth of the table.

The 49 year old coach was not overly joyful with that match with that win they are still behind the Group leaders Chelsea by 10 points and they will take on against Burnley today.

After the match Klopp said: "What would you think about me if I would say now that I think we can [catch] them? Really ambitious or crazy?"

"Maybe you can imagine that I'm not too interested in this in the moment because the only possibility to win something is to win football games and we started 2017 – if you want – tonight.

"We should not go nuts immediately and talk about all the rest. Let's take it step by step."

This season the Blues have won 19 games out of 24 games and the German coach knows they are a tough obstacle to cross over.

He further added: "Chelsea don't look too much like they could struggle over weeks but they should [so] that somebody can get them. If they do then [there] will be somebody,"

"I'm not sure if we [will be] there but we'll try everything to get as many points as we can get from the season and then we count and see what it was worth."