The 33 year old Chilean goalkeeper was taunted once again by Manchester City fans in their match against Huddersfield, and once again he has made another mistake in that match.


The 32 year old Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta thinks that the Manchester City goalkeeper can taste success with the Manchester City side if he gives the time to fully adjust with them.

This season the Chilean goalkeeper has joined the Manchester City squad from the Catalan side and fined his life difficult to adjust with the English football.

Because of that this season the English no 1 goalkeeper Joe Hart moved to the Serie A outfit Torino.

But he was unable to perform for the Manchester City side this season and because of that he was sidelined in many matches, but in their last match he made the Starting lineup but in that match he conceded a sloppy goal from the Harry Bunn.

The Argentine defender knows that the Manchester City goalkeeper is having a tough time, but he admits that everyone is backing him up to bring out his potential quality.

Zabaleta voiced: "We know Claudio. It's not easy when you come to England – it's a different league.

"We are a team, we support each other. We know exactly what he can do for the team and that's it. We know how good he is and sometimes it is just about confidence.

"His distribution with the ball was really good."

"I think if you look at the whole game, we were the better team.

"Maybe in the first 15 minutes we gave the ball away cheaply and maybe our play was a little bit sloppy, but once we equalised and then scored the second goal I think we were a different team and we looked very dangerous going forward."