We have brought Pep effect to England: Stones

Football News: The Spanish manager is once again responsible for the wonderful performance of the bunch of English players in this world cup after Spain in 2010 and Germany in 2014.

Stones agree that Pep’s effect makes them this good.

The English defender agrees that his domestic coach’s influence helping his national side players to put a wonderful performance in this world cup campaign.

In their last match against Colombia on the round of 16, Stones produced one of the finest displays for his country where England emerged as a winner in the penalty after the match ended drawn as 1-1.

The English fans are optimistic about England’s campaign this season, they believe that this season the cup is coming on their way.

In 2009-10 season and in 2013-14 season Guardiola was with Barcelona and Bayern Munich and both the occasions these club respective players became the nucleus for their country in their showpiece event.

This time English fans are hoping the same for their country as well.

The Manchester City man voiced: "I think going into the Pep effect – he's definitely had it on us City boys and we’ve tried to bring what we've learned off him into the England squad,

"Bringing in a fresh idea – not on the whole game – but on certain aspects of it. Everyone does that from their clubs and managers. That's why I think we have got a great combination of players."