Juan Mata was sold by the special one in his time at Chelsea and this season they both are reunited at Manchester United, now they rediscover their spark at Manchester United.


The 28 year old Spanish international says that there was never any kind of personal problem between him and Mourinho.

Last year when it was announced that Manchester United will bring Jose Mouirnho as their manager then there is a speculation was there regarding the future of Juan Mata.

In 2014 when both of them are a part of Chelsea squad,

Mourinho sale him to the Manchester United squad in the January transfer window.

The football domain was shocked with that decision as in that particular year the Spanish international received the player of the year award with the Blues.

But in that time the special was thought the Spanish international did match his style of play and he decided to sell him.

But the Spanish international thinks that his transfer was very outgiving and never thinks that Mourinho’s arrival at the Manchester United will create an issue for him.

He said: "You know, sometimes in life and football as well, changes comes. You have to embrace it.

"When Jose came along, I wasn't playing lots.

"I had the chance to go to another great club and it was a good offer for Chelsea as well."

"No, no. I think it was a football reason, style, something like this. 

"But no, we didn't have a personal problem. We are working together now and it is fine."

This season the Spaniard attacking midfielder is playing well under his former boss and he has scored nine goals for them in this season so far.

The Red Devils are still there in the hunt for winning some major trophies with the special one.

He added: "I think he understands what this club means.

"I think that's very important, to understand the history, the philosophy and what the fans are used to."