The German manager of Liverpool said that this season the Transfer talks are very positive for his side before the previous year.


Klopp said that this season the many players are interested in joining the Anfield squad, he said many players are shown their interest and desire to play for the legendary club.

This season the Liverpool side is sitting at the fourth position on the table and they are one point above then the Arsenal squad,

Liverpool side will face Middlesbrough side in their last domestic league game.

Questioned asked to him whether this season he revive the Legendary

club’s reputation again he added then: "I feel we are already back on track,"
"It should not sound disrespectful to the past. I really feel we are already on the way – we started already. Of
course it is important that a club of our power needs to be at the top.

"Everyone can see from outside. The mood is different, a few people are different, but the base is there. It is still the power and size of this club and then the perspective and that has changed.

"We feel it in the talks. They have to see it, they have to feel it and they have to make a decision. The players are really positive this year compared to last year because they have seen our way, our football and that is good."

The German manager believes that this season they will finish their season on a good note and also avouched many players are willing to join them in the upcoming season.

He voiced: "It should not sound negative but if Champions League is the only reason why a player is coming, it makes no sense for him or for us.

"It is important for players because that is what they want to play but it is the progress and development and a positive perspective of a club that is important for players and we are powerful will be successful in the future. For this we need the players, of course. We have very good players and we need a few more."