Vulnerable Real Madrid makes Liverpool and Roma hopeful


 Football News:Although the match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich ended in a 2-2 draw and the Los Blancos have progressed into the final on 4-3 aggregate, yet there will be tension in the side as their frailties have been exposed.

Bayern may have lost the game, but they have shown the way to give Real a final knockout blow.

Bayern had lost a game which they should have won by a pretty big margin. It was purely because of Real's champion will and luck, combined with some horrendous defensive mistakes from Bayern, they handed the matchand tie to Real Madrid.

All throughout the 95 minutes, Bayern had many half-chances but could not convert them because of Madrid's defence which came undone at times.

The assault done by Bayern had shown the fragile condition of Madrid's defence.Liverpook or Roma, whoever faces Madrid in Kiev for the final will have the opportunity to exploit Madrid’s vulnerable condition at the back.

Jürgen Klopp or Eusebio Di Francesco will want to follow the path shown to them by Bayern Munich and will try to give a knockout blow to Madrid and stop them from winning the title three times in a row.

During the 2-2 win, Bayern had 22 shots on target compared to Madrid’s nine. But they lost the game due to a fatal mistake from their goalkeeper Sven Ulreich, who failed miserably to clear a back pass from his defender resulting in Benzema scoring the second goal.

Thomas Müller was given too much space but he could not capitalise from it. His late cross in the dying momentswas not converted to goal resulting in the loss.

The main concern for Real was on the flanks, as David Alabacreated problems from time to time as he got Vázquez alone as the full back was not covered for most of the time.

Alabahad the tendency to go outward, but that would not be the case for SadioMané or Mo Salah as they would definitely go inward, which will definitely create problems for Madrid in the final.

Bayern looked vulnerable whenever they switched off their high pressing play. So if Liverpool goes out pressing on full-throttle, it would definitely make their opponents' work difficult, and will definitely hand Liverpool this year’s Champions League trophy.