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The New York City FC manager thinks that he will be back on one day to the EPL and he will manage the Sky Blues.


The former Frenchman thinks that one day he can manage the Manchester City side as he is now doing great job with the New Work city manager.

The 40 year old spent his one season with the Gunners after he that he involved with coaching Roles and with Development squad.

Though the Former Midfielder is doing great job with his current team and he looks forward for their next game as they reached their first ever play off round under the Frenchman, he wishes that one day he wants to return to the EPL as a manger of Manchester City and he also told that he is in no rush.

The French man wants to back to the England as a head coach of Manchester city; he chooses Manchester city rather than his old EPL club Arsenal.

The 40 year old told that: "This is the fairytale story.

"It doesn't often happen like that. I don't look further than next year because in our world anything can happen. I am really pleased that people in this club think one day I can manage here.

"That makes me proud but at the same time we never know what's going to happen. I am happy to be part of the group because I love the people. They have given me the opportunity to do something I wasn't sure I was capable of doing."

"Maybe tomorrow, two, three years from now, I have an opportunity somewhere else. I'd sit down with Ferran [Soriano, chief executive] and Brian [Marwood, senior executive] and talk about it.

"Then they can tell me what they think. They will be part of the decision."