The former Manchester United defender avouched that in his first spell with the Manchester United side the French superstar Pogba faced a baptism of fire to breaking into the senior team but he also believes that helped him to grow as a player.


In the training field of Manchester United, the French youngster Paul Pogba was kicked around by the Manchester United legend Paul Scholes.

Under Sir Alex Ferguson the teenager Pogba first made his senior debut for the Manchester United side.

At that time everyone got to know that what he is capable of and it was important to handle him with care.

In an interview, Vidic said: “Paul [Pogba] was only 17 and already as physically strong as he is now, with a very good physique,”

“Paul Scholes would kick him and test him, just as he did when I arrived.

“Scholes was showing the will to win, showing that we were not friends kicking the ball about, but that we trained tough and strong as if we were in matches. It was: ‘You kick me and I kick you’. We fought every day and didn't need to switch on for a game because we were always switched on.

“United had a lot of players like that, who were so competitive. That meant we were better prepared, even more than some of the best teams, who had great players but not the same drive to win. We'd go to games in Europe, or to Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool and not fear anybody.”

The Manchester United wall Vidic also express that facing Cristiano Ronaldo at the training also helped both of them vigorously.

He added: “Cristiano was visibly improving by the week and I know because I was playing against him every day,”

“I improved playing against him. If he beat me, I'd see it as a challenge not to be beaten by him the next time. I learned, he learned.

“He trained hard and stayed behind after to practice his skills with his left and right foot. People think his talent came naturally, but he really worked hard to get where he is, worked hard at everything.

“Look at his body now; he was skinny when he came to United. He's hardly had any injuries either, yet he trained at full level.”