The 24 year old PSG man expressed his experience in the Ligue 1 and also feels many Europe’s heavy weight club will struggle to hold position in the Ligue 1 if they were there.


The Midfielder thinks their League is denounce in the recent times by some Critics and also in abroad it was deeply Criticized and sometimes in France also but the thinks there league begotten in the recent years.

When I first arrived here I did not know anything about the league but after that I get to know about this league and I know about Lyon because they have some great players in their squad and now I am still learning about this league and this league is a very tough one.

Under Ancelotti we did not win every match here we mostly drew our matches in the Ligue 1 and in this league u have to Concentrate on every match and have to stay focus about other teams also.

Marco Verratti plays his football in the Serie A  and he thinks this league(Ligue 1) is very different from the Serie A and Serie A is more kind of tactical and it is physical kind of.

Seria A is now fourth league in the UEFA rankings and they have some kind of problems in their league and faced many obstacles in the recent years, Inter Milan and AC Milan is having some problems in there and also teams like Roma and Napoli is having some problems in the champions league and  on the other hand the Ligues 1 teams are doing just great in the champions league like Monaco is now sitting on the top of their champions league group and Lyon in their match against Juventus they played really well in that match.

In the French league the Teams who are sitting at lower of the table they are quite stronger team and they managed themselves well and it is hard to put a goal against them.

And in the other hand in La Liga teams play very open kind of game and less defensive game so it is easy for Real Madrid and Barcelona to score more goals against them and I am sure if they were in the League 1 they will face some difficulties and they will struggle to score 5 or 6 goals.