Rio Ferdinand apprised, if Manchester United fails to sign Paul Pogba than it will be a big blow to them



Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is very keen to sign Pogba in his team, even he hinted in an interview. United is totally ready to sign the Juventus midfielder but the deal is yet to be finalised. 

Rio Ferdinand is perturbed about his team players as they are waiting anxiously for Pogba to join. It will completely break their minds and will be distracted too, if the Juventus midfielder do not join them.

Manchester United will not leave any chance to land Paul Pogba in their club as the record-breaking deal will be of €110 million.

"As a player in the changing room, you've been thinking for so long. He's coming, he's coming." said Ferdinand to The Independent.

"If he doesn't sign it could have an adverse effect mentally on the players in the changing room. For a short period of time at least.”

"It's important they sign him."

Suggested by some that United is paying a very high price for Pogba but Ferdinand thinks that the price will be later forgotten and the Juve player will be acclaimed if he leads the club to victories.

"Of course it isn't good business but, listen, when Chelsea sold Nemanja Matic and bought him back for £20m-plus it was the same,"

"It's bigger than that but it's still a loss. That's the way it goes.”

"When he comes it's just going to be down to the black and white: Will he perform? Will Manchester United win trophies? That's how you get judged."

"People were saying when I went there that £30m was too much but then we started to win and people now look back and think ‘you know what, it wasn't that expensive’. When you can say you've won six Premier League titles in 12 years, it's okay."

"If he goes there for £100m and in 10 years he wins five titles and earns £100m worth in shirts sales, you'll say 'well done, good business'." said Ferdinand.