Unhappy Memories in Anfield Stadium – Robben

Ahead of the Champions League last-16 tie against Liverpool, Bayern veteran Robben describes Anfield Stdium as the worst stadium.

Premier League leaders Liverpool will hostĀ Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday.

Robben will be leaving Bayern Munich at the end of this season. He describes his experiences at Anfield as one of the worst memories of his lifetime.

It’s probably Liverpool : Robben

Bayern Munich lost on Penalties against Liverpool in 2006-07 in the Champions League Semi-Finals at Anfield.

Ā 35 year old Bayern Dutch winger told to The Guardian :

I think, if you ask [about] the worst stadium for me, it’s probably Liverpool

You always have your favourite opponent and there always has to be a negative one.

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Bayern Munich lost 2 Semi-finals to Liverpool . Therefore, on this matter Robben said :

At that time [Liverpool] were really capable of being this cup fighter team, also in the FA Cup or [League] Cup.

In one or two games they could really live up to it and perform, just not the whole season, which was maybe too much. That was their biggest quality: they were there at the moment they needed to be there.

Now I think it changed and they developed really well. The manager has done a great job. Last year they were in the Champions League final and at the moment they are top [of the Premier League]. It’s a long, long time ago that they won the league and that’s the one they’re dreaming of.

Most impotantly , Manager Niko Kovac, also warned his players to be extra carefull gainst Liverpool . They have to be better in all departments to defeat Liverpool at Anfield.

However Bayern already has returned back to their Title chase . They are just 2 points behind League Leaders Borussia Dortmund.


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