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The 36 year old club ambassador of Barcelona who represented PSG and Barcelona at different time in his footballing career thinks that their match in the champions league is too close to call.


The Brazilian magician indicates Barcelona and PSG Champions league match as “two great teams with world-class players” are set to lock horns in the Champions league round of 16 on Tuesday.

The Brazilian world cup winner represented both the European giants in at different time in his footballing career, and both the teams will clash against each other at Parc des Princes on Tuesday night.

Recently Ronaldinho holds an ambassador role in Barcelona, and also in the recent past, he was at the Parc des Princes to watch PSG’s game against Monaco and he receives a warm welcome there by the PSG fans.

Now the former PSG player is ready, buckle himself up for the first fixture of both the teams as he thinks that in the first game the French  side can hold on to their ground against the Catalan side.

Questioned asked to him will Barcelona prove strong over them?

He replied: “No, football is not like this. Anything can happen during a game.

“These are two great teams with world-class players and everything can happen. There is nothing certain. In football, nothing is impossible.”

He explains how PSG side should access against the La Liga forces he added: “I'm not a coach, it's difficult for me. I know how to play, that's it.

“My way to see football is to always play the same way. You don't have to change because you are going to play against a particular team. For me, you need to play every day the same way.”

In 2006 the Barcelona superstar lifted the Champions league with the Catalan side and on the other hand, he has just won the Intertoto Cup with the PSG side.

And he said, picking one team from both of them it is a hard task to do.

He voiced: “I will never choose between the two teams,”

“Both are in my heart. It's hard for me because I love both teams, it's too difficult.”