The BVB Manager raised a bit hue and cry by claiming, that his crew have been victimized of physical play but he has since discarded the credence of wanting more send offs.

Thomas Tuchel the 43 year old German said though my side was fouled too many times by opposition but he was impassive of the fact that he is never in favour of sending any player out of the field.
His comments about Bayern Leverkusen’s approach in that match against Dortmund created a tumult in the brink of their defeat by2-0 before the international break.

The BVB manager Thomas Tuchel was denounced by Hertha Berlin boss Pal Dardai before the side clash against each other on Friday, cause  the later thinks that his comments can prove to be influential on the referees.
But Tuchel thinks the other way because he feels that he just mouthed his own regards.

"I am surprised that the discussion about fouls got blown out of proportion," Tuchel said.

"I merely read out the number of fouls on the stats sheet. I did not demand red cards or anything for anyone. All I criticized was the imbalance between fouls committed and received.

"In my opinion 20 fouls per match are way over the line. Despite all competitiveness, that is not how I think the game should be played."

But right now Dortmund have their work cut out for them as atleast 10 of their first team players will be sitting in the bench on Fridays’ encounter against Hertha Berlin due to injury concerns.

"Right now, it is questionable whether we will even have 16 senior players available," he added. "We will add some young players to the squad

"Lukasz Piszczek and Adrian Ramos are out. As it stands, Marc Bartra is available, but we still have to decide whether he will play due to limited training sessions.

"[Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang missed training for private reasons today but will play tomorrow."