The 60 year old  EAST BENGAL FC head coach felt that today, both the teams permeated a safety first access rather than taking the risk.


The first derby of this season end as goalless draw, it was a much awaited match for the fans of both the teams.

Trevor Morgan the English man thinks that his plans failed to carry out their game effectively.

He added: “It was disappointing from our point of view because all the things we worked at, on Friday, we didn’t do it (today). We had good opportunities in the second half.  We showed some good tactics and had chances to go forward. We got that extra person to go forward as well,"

The EAST BENGAL FC coach thinks that both the teams did not want to go out and take their chances to take the all three points from that match.

He thinks the safety first approach permeated by both the teams as the game goes on and because of that the match end as a goalless draw.

He added: "After a certain point in time, I believe that subconsciously both teams did not want to lose. Hence, the result materialised as a draw,"

"We were a little bit off in the first half, in the second half we were much better. But, we can do better than this as well,"

He further added: It was a tough game and we came through with a clean-sheet. We are still at our position and we are still unbeaten. We’ve only conceded three goals in the season. It is not one lucky point, not at all. Considering the efforts, it’s a hard earned one point,"

The English coach thinks that the foreign players of East Bengal like Willis Plaza, Wedson Anselme and Ivan Bukenya have done well today.

The East Bengal FC head coach explained why he did not rotate the squad today because of selvage players like Rowllin Borges and Thongkhosiem Haokip both they have not seen much action.

He voiced: "The repetition of the line-up is not a concern. The players (on the bench) are trying hard. We do realize we have to keep their fitness levels up. We’ll use them at some stage of the season. The lack of their game time is not a concern, either. As long as we make sure they are training well, that won’t be a problem,"

"They might be rusty but that wouldn’t be a big problem. The first eleven has picked itself so I can’t change much around.,"