Transfer News- Young German star open the transfer door for Barcelona and Manchester United

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The 21-year-old German striker has emerged as one of the most south after youngsters in Europe and he avouches that he would welcome a future move to an elite club in Europe.


The RB Leipzig forward Timo Werner has expresses his desire to play for Europe’s elite clubs, and he offered the Transfer hoped for the clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City.


Right now in the Bundesliga, he is having a great season with the German side RB Leipzig, after joining Leipzig in 2016 so far he has netted 37 times for them in his 61 appearances.


The 21-year-old youngster has attracted the glances of Europe’s big Guns with his wonderful performance and he also opens the door of a possible transfer to Europe’s elite clubs.


In an interview, the 21-year old told to Sports 1: "If you take Germany, it would be a lie to say that you would not like to play for Bayern.


"It would be a lie to say in England you'd not like to play for Manchester United or Manchester City.


"Spain – Barca or Real. There are great clubs in every league. Italy or France would not be my leagues, but the other three.


"There are so many clubs you'd like to play for. I don't want to tie myself down. I'll see what happens."


 While he opens the door for Future transfer, he is currently tied up with the German side until 2020, ad his current club is reluctant to sell him until his contract expires and they are also considering to offer him a fresh new contract.


Ralf Rangnick, the director of RB Leipzig, spokes about the speculation of Timo Werner, and he voiced: "Timo definitely knows he is still playing with us now and next season.


"We are also in talks to adjust and extend his contract."