The 40 year old Roma legend saves his side last night in the Coppa Italia match, in the 96th minute he scored a goal from the spot kick.


The 57 year old Italian coach accolade about the veteran Roma striker after the match and he compared Totti with the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Totti’s goal saves the Roma side.

Last night Roma faced a tough fight from their opponents Cesena, Cesena is now in the Serie B side, but till 90th minute the result was 1-1, in the extra time the Italian legend scored the goal and won the match for his side at Stadio Olimpico.

In the second half the Roma striker Edin Dzeko scored the first goal for the Roma side, and then the away team scored an equalizing goal in the 73rd minute.

But now in the Coppa Italia semi final Roma will fight against their city rival Lazio.

After the match the Roma coach said: "When Totti plays – but it's the same in training and even when he's playing with his boy – he's the Muhammad Ali of football, always looking to land that knockout blow: to swing the punch no one else can see,"

"If he's on the pitch, it's a good idea to give him the ball. The more they get him on the ball, the more they'll get back in return – you get more back from Totti than the bank.

"He's the one who brought the fans back into the stadium from the car park last year."

With their match against Lazio on the Coppa Italia, on this Totti added:

"We're into the last four and hopefully we'll make it through to the final.

We're not thinking about the fact it's a derby – it's a semi-final like any other and we'll try to give a good account of ourselves."