Top 5 footballers with Best Physique

4) Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

The Current AC Milan man is one of the most unique characters in this football fraternity, but he is also one of the most distinctive players in the game, A towering 6 feet 5 Inches player like him posses a wonderful ball control and his flawless skills made the life of the defender miserable. The center defenders envisage an impossible task to jostle him out of possession and to win the ball in the air against him.

3)Oliver Giroud:

The Chelsea and French striker considered to be one of the fittest and sexiest football around the world as he faults his physiques for the magazine shoots, to maintain that chiseled figure the Frenchman sweats hard for many hours in the gym session,the Frenchman also spends his time in the training ground to strengthen up his core strength which helps him to protect the ball against the defenders.

The world cup winner used as a model on many occasions he appeared in the pitch to represent his club and country.


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