Top 5 footballers with Best Physique

In the world, the game of football is the most viewed sport, nowadays the game has gained immense popularity and plenty of stars are made off from this game, many young footballers aspire their favorite stars by developing their mind and body for the utmost pressure circumstances in the game.

With the immense popularity, the football stars made themselves ever-present in the mind of their supporters and that also puts them under pressure to look good at each and every time they step in the field.

Apart from their personal training the players also shift their focus on their personal level to stay fit and active so that they can deliver their game at every point of time in the season.

Strength is one of the key attributes in modern-day football which is required but it is one of the things which cannot be taught but it’s inherited and in a game like a football, players do require a fit and strong body stature to propel their game.

Here is the list of top 5 footballers with best Physiques:

5)Romelu Lukaku:

In his early life, the Belgium international often gets compared with the Chelsea legend Didier Drogba, but after his, quite a spell in the game people understood that both the players have their different game, but there is one attribute that both the strikers do share and that is Herculean build physiques. His time at Manchester United did not go well for Belgium international but at his new club Inter Milan he has become one of the instrumental players for them.