TOP 5 Big Signings in EPL for 2020-2021 season

 Sancho to Manchester United:

Twelfth Man Times

Manchester United finished the season third in the Premier League table. It qualified for next season’s Champions League and is the odds-on favorite to win this season’s Europa League.

These are not achievements that would have excited United fans once upon a time, but given how things had been going, they have been welcomed as signs that everything moving in the right direction at Old Trafford.

And there are certainly positive signs. Since arriving at the end of January, Bruno Fernandes has made sense of a squad that had previously appeared utterly incoherent.

But there are also concerns. United didn’t actually play well in any of its last five matches, even if the only defeat was the FA Cup semifinal against Chelsea.

United’s forward line is arguably the strongest area of the squad, but that’s not stopping the club from targeting Jadon Sancho, the 20-year-old former Manchester City youth product who had 17 goals and 16 assists this past season for Borussia Dortmund.

The Bundesliga club’s initial reluctance to sell this summer seems to have been lessened by the realization that prices may drop over the next year, and if anybody is still making marquee signings it may as well take advantage.