The former Inter Milan winger says that their new coach Tite given them their confidence back after they manage to win three consecutive matches in world cup qualifier.

The 24 year old winger reveled that their new coach handed them the desperately needed confidence to the Selecao squad,

The five time world champions were left revolving from their two disappointing Copa America campaign and following their 7-1 defeat to Germany at World Cup 2014 at their home soil.

Under Dunga they are struggling as a team to qualify in the 2018 wolrd cup qualifying matches.

The former Corinthians man Tite since joining Brazil led Brazil to win three successive victories to get their qualification matches,and the 24 year old winger syas that he has a great impact on the Selecao squad.

"The confidence has returned,” Coutinho told a press conference. 

“We are training a lot on positioning and tactics and in games we everything has flowed just like it has in practice. This has been very important for us.

“Tite is a coach who keeps all the players focused, everyone feels important. Even when you don’t play, he’s always talking to you and when you get the opportunity you are ready to do what he asks.”

“We did not talk about it a lot, but when I scored Willian was the first to come and congratulate me – that shows how important our friendship is,” Coutinho said.

“A lot happens in football. Things happen quickly. It's a healthy dispute, one taking place in a united group.