The Selecao Gaffer Tite express that he has a special kind of a tactics for Messi, how to stop him against them,ahead their world Cup qualifying match against them.

Though the Brazilian gaffer did not believe that one man can steal a show but he admitted that Messi is a special kind of a player and he has a plan for him and they will try to imply it on the field on Thursday.

The five time world cup winner will host their arch rival Argentina at Mineirao.


And before the match the argentine striker Lucas Pratto stocked the fire by saying that the five time world champions are fearful of Messi, the Brazilian gaffer persist that they can not only focus on a one player because it is a team game and they have to focus on every one not only on him.

Tite told to the reporters:

"You can limit their impact. You can try to decrease the number of chances, but I am not telling you how I will try to do that,"

"There are several players can make a difference and decide games.

"I do not agree that victory depends on a single player. At some point he may shine, but only because the collective is working well.

"On the pitch there will be [Philippe] Coutinho, [Gonzalo] Higuain, [Angel] Di Maria, Douglas Costa, Gabriel Jesus. There are many players with great technical qualities that, in an individual play, in a moment of creation, can make the big difference.

Brazil have won four successive matches under their new boss and reached to the zenith of the table and in the other side the Argentine side in their last three matches draws their two matches and lost one match and now Brazil is five points clear of Argentina.

"The fact that Argentina are outside the qualification places doesn't boost our confidence," Tite added.

"We have not qualified yet. If you look four rounds back we were back where they are now. We are all aware of this."