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The Reds supremo thinks that west London club has found the perfect manager for them and the Manager have got the perfect formula for them.


According to the Reds manager the Blues have found the perfect manager for themselves.

This season the Chelsea team is unstoppable as they are 10 points clearer than the Tottenham side and from the Manchester City side,

This is Conte’s first season in the EPL and he is about to taste the silverware in his first season with the Blues.

The Reds manager Kloop is impressed with the Italian manager under his wing the Blues are playing some outrageous football this season,

Tomorrow the Blues will host the Manchester United side in the FA Cup quarter final.

Klopp said in an interview: "They have the perfect players and the perfect manager. It is the perfect fit,"

"First they created the momentum. Then they used the momentum. Then they stayed consistent.

"I think we all agree it is a well-organised side. They have an experienced defence, highly motivated after what happened last year.

"I think they know they have had luck with injuries but that’s how it is. They could play the same side for a long time. Quality, though, and being organised helps a lot."

Again this season Klopp’s Liverpool side will end their season without any trophy and they are now fighting to hold their spot on the top four of the table.

Klopp voiced: "Yes I have a plan but look it’s March. The plan is different things. It’s still the improvement of the players who are here. And it’s important that these players could improve,"

"So that is one thing that I think is very important. Another thing of course are transfers. Are we looking for transfers? Yes. For players? Yes.

"Are we close to signing them? No, nothing to say about that but that’s how it is. It’s not that we say we want exactly four players or five players. But we know what we want and we are working really hard, as you can imagine, at the things we want which will work.

"We didn't do the transfers last year to have a positive transfer record. But we are in a good situation, so the base is really good to improve and of course we will spend money."