The 42 year old Former Manchester United defender believes that Liverpool’s struggle against the lower half sides would cost them in the Champions league qualification.


According to Gary Neville Liverpool is the weakest team to concrete their spot on the top four of the EPL table.

The Reds are still in  hunt for finding a spot in the top four and they are still in the race after their  last match,

Where they managed to defeat the Burnley City by 2-1 goals.

Currently they are five and six points clearer than Arsenal and Manchester United but both the teams have two extra games in their hand.

So now there is a lot of work to be done by them as this season they were impressive against the big teams but struggles against the Bottom half teams.

The ex Manchester United defender thinks that they are lack of consistency is a problem for them.

He said:  "There are going to be two big clubs and big managers to drop out of that top four.

"You'd have to say, at this moment in time, if every team had the same games towards the end of the season, I think Liverpool could be in trouble.

"They could potentially be the weakest in some ways, but the fact they've got a really good run does give them an advantage to get in there. But it's so tight and it changes week by week."

"We've seen some incredible performances from them in big games where teams have come at them and are open and expansive. But when Liverpool play a team who sit back and go into their shape, they don't seem to have a Plan B.

"This current Liverpool are held back by the fact they haven't got the strongest squad, but they have been helped this season by the fact they've got a good programme.

"They don't have a Plan B in terms of being able to control the game in a different style, and when teams don't allow them to use their energy to press they're far less effective. They have a great chance of getting into the top four, but they do have to overcome this style problem."