Luka Modric the man who saw four winters at White hart lane believes that his former club has got what it takes to win the EPL title,


The Real Madrid Midfielder thinks since his former club is having a tight grip to its best players they are a real potential EPL title front runner.

there were quite a few players who played together for Spurs for quite some time one of them is Modric who followed  suit and joined Real Madrid side in 2012 seeing his two other colleagues Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick,

Finally Gareth Bale who also a Tottenham player joined the Spanish giant Real Madrid, for a record breaking deal.

Now Tottenham has taken some serious steps to hold on to their best players the likes of Hugo Lloris, Dele Alli, Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen,

Eric Dier and Mousa Dembele has been given new contracts by the club,
Modric not only support this move but he also feel it will do wonders for the club in recent future.

He said: "I think Tottenham are developing in the right direction, they are doing well each year and getting better each year,”

"Now they are real contenders for the title, maybe not this year, but if they keep going in the right direction, with a new training ground and new stadium, the great support, they have all the qualities around. Hopefully in the future they can win the Premier League.

“Of course that is the key for each team, to keep your best players. Now Tottenham have changed their politics a little bit and they want to keep their best players.

"That's one way to help you get to the top and win the Premier League."

The Tottenham side is 10 points aback then Chelsea and they will face Southampton in their next match.