Arsene Wenger is confident that Sanchez still wants to play for Arsenal despite rumors are there that the Chile star could move out of Emirates Stadium to Stamford Bridge.


Arsene Wenger does not want to bother by thinking all the rumors that have been going on for Sanchez’s move out of Arsenal and him also wittily said that there is only one team in London.

Alexis Sanchez presaged at a move out to Arsenal’s Neighboring rivals during the International break when he said that he wants to be in London and wants to participate in a club who has the hunger to push themselves beyond their limit to chase titles.

The Rumors are lurking in the air mainly because of his contract hasn’t been renewal which is ought to expire in 2018 and he was also dropped by the French manager earlier this month.

Wenger on the other side thinks that Sanchez wants to stay at Arsenal and they shouldn’t make the same mistake of selling their crucial players like they had done in the past.

Wenger said: "In a very positive way. There is only one team in London, so he is happy!

"Yes I understand that [other interpretations], I have not a lot to add. I think personally he is happy here, [but] it is true we have not extended his contract yet.  

"I hope that he will stay at the club but overall we have to be very cautious when people give interviews in their own countries because the interpretation is not always exactly what they wanted to say. 

"I don't see anything negative in that. He wants to win the championship and that is what everybody wants. I can understand that completely.

"It is true that it happened before when we were in a position financially where we had to sell our best players, but that is not the case anymore.

"He has one-and-a-half years [left on his] contract so I don't think that it is an immediate concern for Arsenal football club."