The former Catalan boss thinks that his team mange to win the earlier match against Crystal Palace without playing it well.


The Sky Blues coach thinks that Saturdays their match in the English premier league against Burnley will be a crucial match for his side in this season.

Last Wednesday night the Manchester city face the German side Borussia Monchengladbach in their champions league match where they play decent game against them and earn one away point from the match.

Burnley City in their last English premier league match they faced a defeat from West Brom, and according to the Spaniard that makes them more dangerous, and he tries to warn his side before that match and also wants his side to play a perfect football against them.

The coach added: "This game is key for us,"

 "So important in terms of the points and in terms of getting better at our kind of game.

"Until now, we played well at Stoke City and West Brom, we didn't play well at Crystal Palace but we won. We have to try to insist in the way we play, even in those games away in small pitches against typical English football.

"I think it will be the toughest game for our regeneration, at 12.30. It is a derby, it is many things. We cannot forget they beat Liverpool, they lost in the 93rd minute against Arsenal and they drew at Old Trafford. What they do, they do really well. I am really impressed about their quality, their spirit.

"Of course they lost the last game 4-0 to West Brom, but I can imagine what happens when a team loses 4-0. Their attention and focus is higher than before.

"I prefer teams when they win a lot of games. They didn't win. So, in this moment, they are ready and prepared. In terms of intensity, I think they will be better. Their legs are faster and cleaner than ours."

In Saturday Manchester City will play a FOOTBALL MATCH against Burnley.