The Sky Blues manager Pep Guardiola spilled his heart out when he expressed his desire of keeping the Argentine in his squad.

the 45 year old ex Catalan manager appeal from deep inside him that he wants Sergio Aguero to continue for the club.

Guardiola's decision  of benching Aguero last week againt Barcelona in the champions league match evoked some rumours that he want to part ways from the club.

But Guardiola made it very clear that he wants Aguero to keep up the good work that he has been doing for this long.

"I want to say I am so happy with Sergio, and hopefully he stays here a long time," he said. "I hope, from deep in my heart, that Sergio will stay here. I know the strikers depend on the moments, sometimes they’re good, but we cannot forget how many goals he has scored for us."

"I am here to help him. When you make a mistake they are my mistakes. I want to help him to develop.":Spaniard continue.

though he mentioned that he wants to make some changes to the starting line up that will take part agaaint Manchester United in the EFL cup on Wednesday.

"We are going to rotate," he added. "Some of them who didn’t play are going to play. Firstly because they deserve it, also because Barcelona was a tough, tough game, and against Southampton… the players are tired. I still didn’t decide which players are going to play, I need to see in the training session."

the Belgium international Kevin De Bruyne who has been ruled out from taking any part against Red Devils due to calf injury but he is hope full to come back against West Brom on Saturday and also against Barcelona on next week.