Jurgen Klopp the manager of Liverpool strongly believes about the captain Henderson is a very useful player with a sportsmen spirit.

Klopp interrupted in between the rumour of Henderson leaving the club, said he is going nowhere and will serve the club in future, and there is no possibility for Liverpool to let go this talent.


The playing area of Jordan Henderson is under the spotlight since the past because of the injuries that didn’t allowed him to fix up the gap.
Klopp insisted up firmly that Jordan Henderson is making his way as far as practicable and in this coming season he is going to defy everything.


"I see him every day in training so if I was doubting him he would not be here," the German boss said. 

"I like this player and he is very important for this club. There is absolutely no doubt."

Klopp added: "A Liverpool player that is at the club with not so much success in recent years is always doubted a little bit.

"They always have to show they are not the reason we have not made the next step. Of course that is not the reason. He is a wonderful skilled player and his attitude is outstanding.

"There are more reasons for not being successful and it keeps these players always trying to convince everyone.

"Stay cool, try to play football it is not that difficult. Not only for Jordan but for other players.

"It is about decision making, not too often to make the special things, just more what you need to do rather than what you want to do."