The Italian coach saw the Bundesliga champions beaten once again by Atletico Madrid, and he deplored the shortage of decent charges created.

Carlos Ancelotti felt his side paid for a supine performance in their 1-0 defeat by the Spanish side on Wednesday.

Bayern Munich has own all the matches under the Italian in this season before Wednesday ,but the Belgium striker Yannick Ferreira Carrasco scored the winner for Atletico Madrid, and sealed the match for the home side at Vicente Calderon.

In this match Bayern Munich has the dominating possession throughout the match, but still they didn’t have the bite on the match.

The former Real Madrid coach is frustrated by their slow use of ball, and they have created some meaningful chances but they fail to score a goal.

"We controlled the game, but the bottom line is that today we had no bite in the tackle, we weren't determined enough. We lost too many balls and played too slow," he said.

"It was a tough game, as we expected. We could have played better. We lost some balls and got hit on the counter.

"They scored and then I think we tried to get back into it but we were too slow, and that's why I do not think we had too many chances to get back into it.

"Losing is always sad. You never want to lose. We need to evaluate the game, look at what we did well and did not do well and go forward. We are at the start of the season. We still have the chance to top the group and we will need to beat Atletico in the return game to do so.

Against Atletico, you have to be faster and take your chances. It was not a good performance, but it was just a game. Next time, it will be better.

Atletico defeated Bayern second time this year, they have managed to won the match against Bayern by 1-0 in the first leg of the last season’s champions league semi final.