The Manchester City manager thinks that trying to defend a 5-3 lead over the free scoring Ligue 1 side could turn out to be a disaster.


The Spanish coach of Manchester City Pep Guardiola believes that the best way to play the match against Monaco is to attack because he knows know any other way.

In their first match Manchester City come over 5-3 in an incredible way, despite they fall behind twice in that match,

This season the Ligue 1 giant have scored 123 goals so far in their 46 games in all competitions, and Guardiola knows if they try to defend it how costly it can be proved for them,

In the pre match conference Guardiola said: "Even when I was at Barcelona and Bayern Munich I could not assure that we would win that Champions League,"

"In that way [attacking] is the only way it can happen. It is the only way I know

"Monaco play to attack, our team play to attack. I'm pretty sure it is going to be a fantastic game.

"When a team scores 123 goals it is because they are able to score in many, many different ways.

"The best way [to beat them] is scoring goals – take the ball and attack as much as possible is the only way to play this kind of team.

"If in 90 minutes you are thinking about 5-3, you kill yourself."

Previously with Barcelona Guardiola has won  the Champions league two times  and reaches several times at least to the semi finals,

But the coach persists that before their match against Monaco he is leaving his ego aside, and last time Manchester City was also reached to the Semi finals of the Champions league return to date.

He voiced: "Believe me, I am not thinking about me being seven times in a row in the semi-finals. I am here to help this club get into the next round and maybe another one,"

"I am not here for private ambitions. I am here for one group of people [his players] to do better and better and better in competitions.

"I am satisfied with my personal success. What I wanted was a new club, to help them to be stable in Europe as many years as possible.

"When you see all our potential Champions League rivals they are top, top clubs. That is why I cannot answer saying we will win the Champions League.

"I would like to say yes. I trust my players, I am so comfortable. I will never forget how they take care of me and give me absolutely everything but I don't know."