The 24 year old German international and Barcelona goalkeeper reveals that he would have had to Envisage leaving Barcelona if his former club team mate Bravo would  not join the Manchester City squad.


The 24 year goalkeeper reveals that he envisages leaving Barcelona next season, if the Chilean goalkeeper Bravo did not happen then he might leave the club, but Bravo’s departure make him stay.

In 2014 Barcelona side signed the 24 year German goalkeeper form German side Borussia Monchengladbach and along with him they also signed Bravo from Real Real Sociedad.

Back in then the 24 year goalkeeper was benched by the Barcelona coach Luis and he only take parts in Champions league games and in Copa Del Rey games for Barcelona.

And this season the Bravo joined the Manchester City side and Ter Stegen became the no 1 goalkeeper for them.

Ter Stegen voiced: "It was tough because everyone wanted to play in every game. In the end, things have changed and we are both well,"

"He [Bravo] plays in Manchester and I play here at Barca. There had to be a change because it was not easy to maintain that situation.

"I imagine Guardiola wanted a goalkeeper who can play with his feet, everyone knows him as a person and a footballer and this is his idea of how to play.

"It was clear that if the situation did not change I would have to find a solution, but the club told me that my time had come and that everyone supported me, so I did not hesitate to stay here."

Ter Stegen believes that because of lot of first time action he is getting now that improves his ability lot more.

He added: "I've learned a lot this season. Playing in La Liga as well makes you learn new things that are different to when you play in the Champions League.

There are also many more games, so you have more rhythm and you keep improving.

"That was the situation I was looking for when I arrived, and now I can say that it's so."