The 29 year old Barcelona striker believes that public profile is more authorized to judge than achievements when it comes to the Ballon d'Or.

The 29 year old  Uruguayan striker believes that he does not have any chance to win the prestigious trophy because he thinks that to get this trophy u have to be more active about yourself and u have to know about marketing and press you’re your performances.

In the last year 2015-2016 the striker has won the golden shoe award after scoring 40 goals in an individual season for Barcelona in the La Liga.

Suarez does not figurative about his chances that if it going to be his Barcelona team mate Messi is going to win or the Real Madrid man Cristiano Ronaldo going to win this year the prestigious trophy.

"The Ballon d'Or is more to do with marketing and press than for achievements on the pitch," he told reporters.

"I've earned all the awards I've been given. The Golden Shoe is for scoring the most goals and there's no option for people to take that away from me.

"I don't have a chance with the Ballon d'Or because it works around marketing and I don't have that. My ambition is to win another Champions League that would be great."

Suarez believes that in the recent years he was playing some excellent kind of football and behind it there is some contribution from its team mate Lionel Messi that made him worthy of his recent mastery of the glorification.

"Of course," he said when asked if it was difficult to top Messi. "But I was referring to getting on the podium.

"To win it is impossible because I have the privilege of playing with the best in the world and an excellent person. He's the best in history."

"I don't compare myself with anyone," he said. "I have my way of playing and being, which is different. My way is to help the team.

"If individual awards come they're welcome because I'm a goal scorer and, sometimes, egotistic. But your team-mates don't let you [get carried away] and that's something you're most grateful about."