Manchester city’s back four look shakey at the back of late,but their 22 year old defender persist that his crew is ready to face the Catalans while the he disclose that he like their style of play.

In this wednessday the Sky Blues{Manchester City} will face Barcelona at the Camp Nou in the champions league, and their new young defender told that he and his crew members are not fearful to face Messi or his Barcelona side.
The former Barcelona manager’s side have quaver ahead of the clash with his previous side, while the Manchester have plucked to maintain a clean sheet this time.

Messi has announced that after his injury he will play alongside with his team against Manchester City in this champions league match,

But the young English defender backtrack to bow to the pressure and he is just looking to go there as lay his natural game and want to experience of playing against one of the world best teams.

“It doesn’t scare me [facing Messi], no,” Stones told reporters. “I think you have to play against the best to see how you can deal with it and it always brings the best out in you as well.

“I see it as an exciting challenge and one I’m looking forward to.

“For me, Messi’s the best player in the world, easily. He’s one of a kind. I think we, as footballers, appreciate it even more when you come up against him and see what he can really do.

“I’ll be looking forward to that challenge. But it’s not just him, it’s everyone in that team. I think Suarez has taken his game to another level since he was at Liverpool.

“You can’t let your game slip or your focus. It’s something I’m working on, but that comes with age and games as well, experience. It takes time to learn the game and I’m still learning. There’s plenty more to come.”