Solskjaer should be Permanent Man United Boss : Giggs

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be made permanent Manchester United Boss . This is according to Former Red Devils team mate Ryan Giggs. Giggs thinks , the Man United management should not “mess around far too long”.

Ex- Man Utd Boss Jose Mourinho was sacked last december and Solskjaer was appointed as the caretaker boss. This was uptil the end of this season.

Out of the 12 matches Man United has played , they have lost only 1.

There has been a rumour that Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is believed to be in contention for the United job . But Ex- Red-Devil player Giggs is considering Solskjaer for the permanent job.

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On this matter, Giggs told the Guardian :

I do , We’ve messed around far too long.  

Giggs answered when asked if Solskjaer should be appointed permanently.

United have messed far too long : Giggs

When you’ve got someone who knows the club, who is tactically astute, clearly has the players and fans on board, that gives you lots of momentum. There will be bumps in the road but most fans imagine what he could do with the money that’s been spent the last few years.

Ole’s done a fantastic job. I’ve obviously been in touch with him and he’s given players freedom and also done well tactically. The confidence is huge. He’s got smiles back on their faces.

 Giggs also said :

“I wouldn’t be in any rush because you don’t want to derail the current situation. Planning is more important than the announcement. Look at Pep Guardiola. He got in Manchester City players he wanted the year before he took over.”

“So, if it is Ole, keep it amongst the club and start planning. Our problem the past few years is that we were always playing catch-up. We should identify the two or three players we need if we’re going to win the Premier League and Champions League.”

Solskjaer and Giggs were teammates when they played in United im 1988-99. United claimed the trebel that year . Therefore, winning the Premier League Champions League and also the FA Cup.

Giggs Continued to Say :

“He’s got that steely determination, because he’s been through a lot,” 

“When he was young he went to a different country. 

“He had huge success but he was not always picked. He studied the game while he had a bad injury and then he coached at the club. So I always thought he had that potential because he knows the game and has that inner steel.”