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The 32 year old striker is in great shape for the Atletico Madrid this season, but the 46 year old coach refuses to ensure if he will be offered a new deal.


Last night because of the 32 year striker Fernando Torres the Atletico Madrid win over their rivals in the La Liga match, and the coach wants to renew his contract depend on his results.

Last night the 32 year old Spanish striker makes the starting line up ahead of their new striker Kevin Gameiro, and it was his fifth start of the season for the Atletico Madrid.

And the striker stands out on Simone’s faith and scores two goals for them, one in the first half from Girezmann misses the penalty and from the rebound of it he scored the goal.

In the second half the Spanish international scored another goal from the pass of Angel Correa, after the match the Argentine coach Simeone accolades about the striker.

After the match in the post match presentation he added: "That always depends on the club, the coach, and all of that depends on the results,"

"He's had four fantastic days and that could be well seen, especially because of the strength with which he has been fighting.

"Despite not playing he has trained well and that has always been his greatest virtue. Hopefully he can continue like this."

Last night the young Spanish midfielder Saul Niguez was unable to showcase his talent for them and because of that the coach substituted him during the game.

On this the Atletico Madrid coach added: "I thought he was not having a good game,"

"That 1-0 wasn't enough and I thought that with Correa between lines we could do more damage. It [the change] came off perfectly, which I welcome."